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Pure Neuro VSL and New


In the “Eat Sleep Burn” system you’ll discover…

The precise Shutdown Sequence Dan taught us that is required to guarantee the exact form of potent sleep that will naturally melt away all your excess body fat…

The 3 key Sleep Switches that make it easy to reclaim your energy and vitality…

How to reset your “Circadian Rhythm” so that your body intuitively knows the most healthy time to drift off to sleep and to wake you without an alarm or any morning grogginess…

How to control a powerful “neurotransmitter” in your brain that instantly lets you shut out anxious thoughts and power down your spinning brain…


I stood glaring into the fridge… The
thought of choking down another dry, tasteless
breakfast was just too much…

“Dear Lord!… I Quit…”

I stifled a sob… Surrendered to my
craving… Reached for the milk… and grabbed my
daughter’s box of
Lucky Charms


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